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Dinner and Death: A Carolina Pennsbury Mystery - Helen Grochmal

A wonderful mystery of murder, mayhem, and table assignments, all set in the world of an “old folk’s home --- that is, Independent Retirement Community”.


This delightful mystery follows Carolina Pennsbury and her fellow dinner table companions of the Buckingham Courte Retirement Community. And tis group of ladies is something else! After “losing” the sixth member of their dinner table group, the ladies try very hard to keep their seating arrangements to five. But how many are at their table becomes the least of their worries when they have a would be cat killer to find, after someone poisons one of the residents cats.


This was a cozy unlike any I’ve read. With an original concept and a true skill for storytelling, author Helen Grochmal had me intrigued and completely absorbed in this laugh out loud mystery.


I can only hope that should I find myself in a retirement community one day, I have a group of ladies like these for companions. Hmm…or do I?


DINNER AND DEATH is the second Carolina Pennsbury mystery. I plan to go back and read the first in this series. And I look forward to more installments.