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Murder of an Open Book: A Scumble River Mystery - Denise Swanson

Do you read the acknowledgements and dedications in books? I do. I love to know who inspired the authors I read. In this book author Denise Swanson thank her street team, the Swanson Sleuths. These are fans and friends who help promote books by handout bookmarks and other items, and by talking about the author’s book. Very cool of you, Ms. Swanson to remember your street team!


You would think after so many books in the same series, an author would run out of ideas. Not so for author Denise Swanson. MURDER OF AN OPEN BOOK was fresh and well written, while holding to the integrity of this long running series. After reading this book, any reader will see why the Scumble River Mystery series has enjoyed such longevity.


Skye is married, pregnant, and starting a whole chapter of her life, but some things never change, like finding a dead body and searching for a murder. As I mentioned above, this was an extremely well written story. It held my attention with every page turned. Ms. Swanson has a way with words and a plot that always leaves the readers coming back for more. I for one will return to Scumble River.


I have to mention the named chapters. I love it when an author does that! Reminds me of my Nancy Drew books. And with chapters entitled…AWHFY - Are We Having Fun Yet, and L - Frownie Face, I had as much fun reading the chapters titles as I did enjoying this wonderful mystery!


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