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Murder by the Spoonful: An Antique Hunters Mystery - Vicki Vass

Author Vicki Vass hit the ground running in this wonderful first installment of the Antique Hunters Mystery series.


With a pleasant, flowing way with words, Ms. Vass made each scene and chapter of MURDER BY THE SPOONFUL a joy to delve in to.


I immediately liked Anne Hillstrom and her friend CC Muller. I enjoyed their dynamic together. And when a scene didn’t contain both of them, it didn’t always just follow Anne. There were times where the reader gets to follow CC as well. I liked being able to see what each of them were up to. Garage and estate sale fans are going to love this book. I had a lot of fun following the ladies around to different sales.


There are two mysteries going on in this story. Who killed Anne’s Great Aunt Sybil and why? And what happened to recent lottery winner and newly recently deceased Tom Whitmore? With twists, turns, and intrigue everywhere, MURDER BY  THE SPOONFUL was an awesome mystery and a great start to what is sure to be a hit series. Author Vicki Vass is an author to keep your eye on for sure.


I’m eagerly awaiting the second book in the Antique Hunters Mystery series!