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Malice at the Palace - Rhys Bowen

While MALICE AT THE PALACE is the eighth book in this series, it is my second. All I can say is wow.


Author Rhys Bowen once again has written a delightful story from the view point of lead character Lady Georgiana Rannoch, thirty-fifth in line for the British throne. In this installment, Georgiana is enlisted to be companion to Princess Maria, soon to be wife of the King’s youngest son, George. Part of Georgiana’s duties are to dispel rumors of George’s questionable life style. Nut then, of course, she finds herself with a dead body to contend with as well.


I mention all of the above because Author Bowen has flawlessly interwoven her wonderful murder mystery with the true history of Prince George, the Duke of Kent. I honestly don’t know what I found more surprising…the unexpected reveal of this story or the things I learned about Prince George. Brava Rhys Bowen for masterfully teaching us a history lesson within your story. If my teachers had taught history the way you did in this book, I would have been a much better student.


On a side note, I would love to see the author write a companions book to the series of just Lady Georgiana’s dairy entries. I think it would a fascinating read.