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Murder in the Paperback Parlor - Ellery Adams

Book one in the Book Retreat Mystery series, MURDER IN THE MYSTERY SUITE, was one of my favorite books of 2014. Everything I loved about that book has only gotten better in MURDER IN THE PAPERBACK PARLOR.


Storyton Hall is a place I would want to visit again and again. A quiet country retreat to spend time with other bibliophiles would be perfect wouldn’t it? But Storyton Hall isn’t all it appears to be. What with pesky murder to contend with. Never fear…the staff of Storyton can handle anything that arises, because they aren’t what they appear to be either.


You would think with fans of romance descending on the Hall so close to Valentine’s Day, things would be all love and flowers. Come on…this is an Ellery Adams book. Someone has to die! J In this case, it’s a celebrated romance author.


Author Ellery Adams lets the reader get a good way into the book before the discovery of the body. I was lulled into the story, taking in the surroundings, enjoying my stay just as much as the characters in the book. I was having a grand time with protagonist Jane, her family, the staff, the Cover Girls…I felt like I was on holiday. With her flawless style of writing and perfect sense of timing, Author Adams had me so absorbed in this fantastic book, I forgot I was reading a murder mystery. So when the death was announced, I was actually shocked. How fun is that? And before I had a chance to get over my shock, mystery, intrigue, and action took over the pages leaving me breathless.  


Nancy Drew, Miss Marple, and Jane Steward…these are the sleuths I’ll always remember when I think of mystery. You need to read this book!


Also included is a sneak peek of book seven in the Ellery Adams Books By The Bay series, WRITING ALL WRONGS.