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Killing Weeds (A Peggy Lee Garden Mystery Book 8) - Joyce Lavene, Jim Lavene, Jeni Chappelle

Wow! The first six chapters of KILLING WEEDS had more things happening than I’ve read in entire books. But it’s not surprising to me that authors Joy & Jim Lavene had my full attention in this mystery so quickly, because they have in every book I’ve read by them.


This was a wonderfully written story with plenty of mystery coming from every direction. There was never a dull moment. I turned each page eagerly awaiting what would come next. The Lavenes have taken the twists and turns associated with mystery and supersized them.  When the reveal came, I was completely shocked!


I love that each chapter started with the names of poisonous plants and information about them. It just goes to show the research the authors did for their story.


There was only thing I didn’t like about this book…it had to end. L I just wanted more an more!


Check out the back of the book for Peggy Lee’s Garden Journal, a yummy recipe, and gardening tips for keeping our bee friends happy.