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Macaroni and Freeze - Christine Wenger

Author Christine Wenger is a gifted author who has written another winner. The entire plot was well thought out and expertly penned. Her characters are muti-layered, but well defined. And her way of mixing an excellent mystery with humor is top notch.  


Diners always seem to have the best food. But I never really gave thought to owning my own or working in one. Then I read the first three pages of this book and author’s description of how her lead character Trixie Matkowski sees her diner and why she loves it so much. It made me want to run to my local diner and spend the day!


Spending several chapters with just the characters, their lives and businesses, and the buildup of the story, is my favorite way for a book to start. So, I was thrilled when the murder happened a little further into this book. It gave me time to like or dislike the character that was going to be killed. For me, that makes the who and the why of the mystery and investigation more intriguing. And that was very true of this story.


The previous installments of the Comfort Food Mystery series were such yummy delights, I wasn’t surprised when I found MACARONI AND FREEZE even more delicious than the first three courses (books). I could feed off books like this all year! It filled my mental tummy with treat after treat of mystery, fun, and the wonderful satisfying feeling that only comes with an amazing book.


Make sure to check out the back of the book for ten amazing comfort food recipes, as well as an excerpt from book five, IT’S A WONDERFUL KNIFE.