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Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies (A Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery Book 6) - Virginia Lowell

The Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery series was one of the first cozy mystery series I read. I’ve loved it from the first sentence of book one, COOKIE DOUGH OR DIE, and after finishing the last sentence of DEAD MEN DON’T EAT COOKIES, I love it even more!


Author Virginia Lowell has penned a series that continues to get better with every book. And this one is no exception.


I always enjoy my time spent with Olivia Greyson and her best friend and business partner Maddie at The Gingerbread House. Ms. Lowell has written these characters and the supporting cast in a way that truly makes them feel like old friends.


Ms. Lowell wasted no time getting the mystery going in this story with the discovery of the body happening almost right away. The investigation that follows has lots of ups and downs, and twists and turns, all leading up to a climatic reveal!


This book reminded me once again why adore this series and has secured its place in my favorite.


And don’t miss the yummy recipe at the back of the book!