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Fatal Reservations: A Key West Food Critic Mystery - Lucy Burdette

Author Lucy Burdette has cooked up a delectable new course in the delicious Key West Food Critic series that made me hungry for more! Readers are going to be thrilled with this latest installment.


It was so good to be back in Key West with food critic Hayley Snow. I think being a food critic would be so great. Unfortunately I’m a picky eater, so my career would be short lived, but that just makes it even more fun to live it through Hayley! Um, just hold the dead bodies please. J


I just love it when authors start off their chapters with quotes or tidbits of information. Ms. Burdette has done so, with the most fun food related quotes. Anticipating each new quote was a lot of fun. It was hard not to peek ahead and read them.


Fatal Reservations was a fantastic addition to this series. One of the best so far. This story moved along at a great pace, never leaving a dull moment. Just the opposite . . . I didn’t want to miss one word! Every chapter brought more excitement, and more questions because there were so many misleads to keep me guessing. And it all led up to a scrumptious reveal that I never saw coming.


Don’t stop reading once the story is over or you’ll miss a lot of yummy recipes and a sneak peek of Book 7, KILLER TAKOUT.