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Caught Read-Handed - Terrie Farley Moran

The first book in this series, WELL READ, THEN DEAD, was one of my top three favorite first books in a new series in 2014. I devoured it. So, to say I have been looking forward to CAUGHT READ-HANDED, well, that doesn’t even come close to how much I’ve wanted to read this book. I have to say . . . it was worth the wait!


Author Terrie Farley Moran has done it again in the second installment of her Read ‘Em And Eat Mystery series. She has taken her gift of amazing story telling and lifted it to a whole new level. The murder mystery in this story was so well plotted, every page bringing clues and misleads. Ms. Moran kept the story fast moving and intriguing, make this book very hard to put down for any length of time. When the reveal came toward the end of the story, it was a real surprise. I never saw it coming!


I really did love my trip back to Fort Myers Beach, FL, and the time I spent at the Read ‘Em And Eat café with Sassy, Bridgy, Aunt Ophey, and the cast of supporting characters. Like my last visit, it was over far too soon, and I found myself back in the real world of DE looking forward to my next visit.


In the pages of this book, with every word, through every character, I could feel the author’s love for her series. Knowing that this story was penned with such care, made reading it even more enjoyable. Well done Ms. Moran. Brava!


Make sure to check out the back of the book for the yummy recipe for Miss Marple’s Orange Ice Scones by Karen Owen, and featured in CAUGHT READ-HANDED.