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Magic and Macaroons - Bailey Cates

The cozy genre is seeing more and more paracozies on the market these days, and out of all those series on the list the Magical Bakery Mystery series is one of the most recognized.


I’ll be honest, books with witches and magic aren’t my go to reads. I was sent this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I’m happy it was because I found author Bailey Cates to be a gifted writer and her words flowed smart and smooth.


I love the description of the Honeybee Bakery. I mean really, a bakery with a reading area and floor to ceiling book shelves? Who wouldn’t want to spend all their time there? They’d have to kick me out at closing time.


The characters in this were very enjoyable to read and get to know. Protagonist Katie Lightfoot was extremely likeable, as was the supporting cast of characters.


Even though the subject isn’t something I would normally read, I can’t and won’t deny this was a well written mystery filled with intrigue, and had a twist of an ending.


Fans of Ms. Cates, as well as readers who like to read about magic, are in for a bewitching time with MAGIC AND MACAROONS. I know someone who will simply adore this book and I am going to send it off to her.


Remember to check out the yummy recipes at the back of the book!