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Fatal Fortune - Victoria Laurie

I’ve only heard wonderful things about the Physic Eye Mystery series. Starting with book 11 didn’t have me at the disadvantage I thought it would. I found myself far into the book before I knew it.


Author Victoria Laurie is such a talented writer. While this was not quite a cozy in my opinion, it was an exciting mystery. The action started on page one and just kept gaining momentum right up to the reveal.


I don’t read many paranormals, though I do follow a few paracozy (I just made that word up) series that I love. The physic aspect of this book wasn’t too heavy, so it didn’t feel like it was the only focus of the story. To me, that’s a good thing.


All in all, FATAL FORTUNE is a book that will appeal to a variety of readers of different genres. But for those of you who follow my reviews to find new cozies, this does have a more thriller type of vive than one of a traditional cozy. 


Check out the back for the book when you’re done for a sneak peek of SENSE OF DECEPTON, lucky number thirteen in the Physic Eye series.