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Truffled to Death (A Chocolate Covered Mystery) - Kathy Aarons

A chocolate shop and a bookstore combined? Why on Earth doesn’t every town in every city have one of these? Chocolates and Chapters, the shop in this book, would be my everyday hangout. Oh, that would be so bad for my wallet.


The first book in the Chocolate Covered Mystery series, DEATH IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES, was the perfect beginning treat to prepare reader’s appetites for this second delicious course, TRUFFLED TO DEATH.


Author Kathy Aarons has a smooth writing style. You know the kind…where the words flow easy and you keep saying, I’ll just read one more page, one more chapter, and before you know it, you close the finished book with a happy sigh and a “Wow”. 


Between the theft of ancient Mayan pottery, and the murder of the professor who was accusing protagonist Erica of stealing them, the action and suspense heat up this yummy read enough to melt the chocolates on the cover of the book.  By the time of the exciting reveal, I was out of breath, but as satiated as if I had just eaten a seven course meal...of chocolate. ;-)

 Make sure to check out the back of the book for three mouthwatering recipes!


Sweet lover or not, you are sure to enjoy this delightful mystery.