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Privy to the Dead - Sheila Connolly

I’m a big fan of author Sheila Connolly’s Orchard Mystery series. I’ve been wanting to start the Museum Mystery series for some time. The only thing holding me back was the setting. The Museum series in set in Philadelphia, rather than a small town. Even being less than two hours from Philly and having been there many, many times, I wasn’t ready for a cozy in a big city. I can admit I was wrong. The size of the city did not take away from so many of the things I enjoy about cozies mysteries. And an added bonus for me was actually knowing the names of some of the streets and places mentioned!


Ms. Connolly’s writing is fantastic. Like the Orchard series, PRIVY TO THE DEAD was very hard to put down. She knows how to pen a story that keeps the reader enthralled. I know I was. It really interesting to learn more about the ins and outs of a historical society and I can see why those involved are so passionate about what they do.


It was just about three chapters in before the main mystery components of the mystery got started, but I for one am okay with that. It’s a good way to get a feeling for the characters and settings before being thrown into the mystery and going into amateur sleuth mode. And what a mystery it was! I really got wrapped up in the story and was so surprised when the truth came out and everything became clear.


If you’re a fan of the series already, you are going to love this installment. If you haven’t read it and are looking for a new series to begin, you’ll be doing yourself a favor to give the Museum Mystery series a try. I will for sure be adding the first five books in this series to my TBR (To be read pile/stack)!