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Death at the Door - Carolyn Hart, Carolyn G. Hart

It’s hard to believe that after twenty-three books in the same series, book twenty-four could be even better. It was! Author Carolyn Hart nurtures her Death On Demand series like a mother does her child, and it shows.


This book changed POVs among different characters and it kept the story fresh and gave me a glimpse into other parts of the story that readers don’t always get to see.


Main characters Annie and her husband Max really have their hands full in DEATH AT THE DOOR. With two deaths, and suspects around every corner, this story was everything a reader hopes for in a mystery. Page turning twists and turns had me second guessing myself through the entire book. When the truth finally came out, I was wide eyed and finally released the breath I had been holding.


Fans of the Death On Demand series are in for a true rollercoaster ride with this installment. I know I loved every minute of it! And happily, I have book twenty-five, DON’T GO HOME, waiting right next to me!