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Murder in Merino: A Seaside Knitters Mystery - Sally Goldenbaum

I’ve had this series in my TBR (to be read stack) for ages, but it took the publisher sending a copy of MURDER IN MERINO to review for me to finally read one. I’m very happy this happened. Ideally I would start at the beginning of a series, however I started here with book 8. Author Sally Goldenbaum helped a lot with me learning the characters quickly by putting a Cast of Characters list in the front of the book. Such an awesome idea!


In MURDER IN MERNO, author Goldenbaum doesn’t have the “finding of the body” scene until well into the book. I liked this. I enjoy getting to know about the characters and surroundings before getting into the investigation. Also, with this book, there is no mention on the cover blurb as to who the victim is. It was fun getting to be surprised.


Ms. Goldenbaum knitted a wonderful mystery filled with surprises. From page to page I never knew for certain what would happen next. When the pieces fell into place, I was pleasingly shocked with the outcome.


After the story, check out the back of the book for a great knitting pattern and a delectable sounding recipe for Seafood Salad!


It may have taken a while for me to start into this series, but I’ll for sure have it on my required reading list for now on.