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Murder, She Wrote: Killer in the Kitchen - Donald Bain, Jessica Fletcher

I’ve never read a Murder, She Wrote book and doubt I would have if I hadn’t been sent this one to review. My reason for not reading one? When I was a little girl I saw a movie called Bedknobs & Broomsticks with Angela Landsbury and she scared me to pieces! LOL So, I never watched the Murder, She Wrote TV show and never read the books. That being said, my apologies to Angela Landsbury, I’m sure she’s is a wonderful woman, and to Donald Bain, it was nothing personal to him.


On to my review.


I really really liked this book!


KILLER IN THE KITCHEN is #43 in the series, and if the first 42 were anywhere as enjoyable, I have indeed been missing out.


The story was so well written. While reading, I was taken back to the times I “listened” to my parents watch Murder, She Wrote. Author Donald Bain does an incredible job of keeping the voice of the show alive.


The mystery was very compelling. I found myself turning page after page needing to see what would happen next. The next thing I knew, I was at the end of the book and telling myself, this may have been my first Murder, She Wrote, but it won’t be my last.