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The Drowning Spool (A Needlecraft Mystery) - Monica Ferris


It always amazes me how an author of a long running series can keep each new book fresh. How they are able to find new ways to commit the crimes, and come up with new locations and settings. But in this seventh installment of her Needlecraft Mystery series, author Monica Ferris does just that.


THE DROWNING SPOOL was a well written mystery that kept me engaged and guessing. I had no idea who had perpetrated the crime until it was revealed.


Ms. Ferris has a knack for creating “visual” stories. This book was filled with vivid descriptions making me feel as though I was in each situation with the story’s heroine, Betsy Devonshire.


There is a fun Embroidery pattern for needlecraft lovers. But be assured, you do not need to know needle work to enjoy this book.