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License To DIll

License to Dill - Mary Ellen Hughes

While reading LICENSE TO DILL, I was reminded of why I loved the first book in this series, THE PICKLED PIPER. Ms. Hughes pens a story that flows at a wonderful pace. Each page makes you want to turn the next. Each chapter excites you for what is to follow.


Being back in Cloverdale was like going on a long awaited vacation. The wonderful cast of characters like old friends I had waited an entire year to see.


This delightful, well written mystery was so fast paced it kept me reading longer into the day that I had planned, completely ignoring my own everyday chores. It was packed with suspense, suspects, and motives that keep me guessing until the surprising reveal.


Also included are two great recipes for canning projects and a fun lesson on dill!


I highly recommend you pre-order your copy for the Feb. 3 release day.