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Revenge of the Chili Queens - Kylie Logan

Let me start off by saying this. If you haven’t read a book by author Kylie Logan, you have been missing out on some wonderfully fun and well written mysteries. It’s my suggestion that you change that today. The Chili Cook-Off Mystery series is a good place to start!


REVENGER OF THE CHILI QUEEN was simply a pleasure to read. The combinations of author Logan’s skillful writing and her sense for plotting a great mystery, took me on a fun ride through this fabulous story.


I love series lead Maxie and her half-sister Sylvia. They have a great dynamic that insures any scene with them together is going to be fun to read. I also think Maxie and I would get along great. We can both be a little sarcastic.  ;-)


The discovery of the body comes pretty early in the book and from that point on, it was a thrill ride of mystery and surprises. There were several time where I even held my breath, with the longest being near the end of the book during the killer’s reveal. Honestly, if that part has been a few pages longer, I may have passed out from lack of oxygen!


Congratulations, Ms. Logan. REVENGE OF THE CHILI QUEENS was the best in the series to date!


Included in the back of the book is a yummy tummy rumbling chili recipe, and also an excerpt of, AND THEN THERE WERE NUNS, book four in her League Of Literary Ladies Mystery series!