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Queen of Hearts - Rhys Bowen

I’ve been reading several “new to me” books after hearing only wonder thing about the authors and series. Rhys Bowen has been on my list, so I’ve finally read on of her books. I’ve been missing out!


Lady Georgiana Rannoch, protagonist of the Royal Spyness series, is such a wonderfully fresh character! She reminded me so much of a combination of Rose from the Titanic move, and a Christie heroine. She was simply delightful!


Author Bowen has penned an excellent mystery. The journey from England to America on the luxury liner added an amazing feel to the story. The mystery was tight and flawless. I kept changing my mind about the killer and was still wrong when I read the reveal.


Author Bowen’s writing is everything I was told it would be and more. I’m happy I have the nest book in the series on hand so I can dive right into it. Speaking of the next book, check the sneak peek of MALICE AT THE PALACE, book nine in the series.