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Fatal Fairies (Renaissance Faire Mystery Book 8) - Joyce Lavene, Jim Lavene, Jeni Chappelle

Authors Joyce & Jim Lavene have a wonderful way of making a story come to life. In this latest installment of the Renaissance Faire Mystery series I could hear the sounds, smells the scents of enticing food, and see every detail as described. It was just like I was standing in the center of it all.


Magic has been doing all sorts of things at the Ren Faire in the past installments. But this time, everyone’s lives are changed. FATAL FAIRIES was such a fun ride. Leave it to these authors to come up with such an out of the box story for a cozy. J


I really did enjoy this story so much. It’s the perfect addition to an already fantastic series. Filled with fun, mystery, and action, you’ll find yourself engrossed in this book that you’ll be surprised when the ending sneaks up on you like it did me. And what an ending it was!


I’m really looking forward to my next trip to the Renaissance Faire, but only with the Lavenes as my tour guides.