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Death Under Glass - Jennifer McAndrews

With ILL-GOTTEN PANES, book one in the Stained-Glass Mystery series, author Jennifer McAndrews introduced a charming new series and brought to readers the creative world of the art of stained-glass. Readers also got to meet Georgia Kelly, Pete “Grampy” Georgia’s grandfather, and the town of Wenwood, New York and its cast of intriguing town’s people.


I was so excited at the announcement of this book, DEATH UNDER GLASS and anxiously awaited my chance to read it. Well, it was certainly worth the wait. This book was even better than the first!


Before I knew it, I was so engrossed in the story and thrilling mystery, I was hardly able to put the book down. The action started off quickly and continued to accelerate until reaching the exciting, shocking reveal.


DEATH UNDER GLASS was everything I could have hoped for and more. This excellent second installment has certainly insured a third in the series. I’m already looking forward to it even more than I did this one!