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All Dressed Up and No Place to Haunt (A Haunted Vintage Mystery) - Rose Pressey

There seem to be more and more “paracozies” in the cozy market these lately. If they are all as well written as the Haunted Vintage Mystery series, I say Keep them coming!


Protagonist Cookie Chanel is one part “Ghost Whisper”, one part business owner and vintage clothing expert, and one part amateur sleuth. As the saying goes, she wears many hats. And with cookie, you can guarantee they are all stylish. ;-)


I loved that every other chapter stared off with Cookie’s Savvy Vintage Fashion Shopping Tips and Charlotte’s Handy-Dandy Tips for Navigating the Afterlife.  I simply adore when authors do this in books. It makes it that much more exciting to get to each new chapter.


The action started off right away in ALL DRESS UP AND NO PLACE TO HAUNT and kept going at a wonderful pace. Because the story flowed so well, it was one of those ones I hated to put down, and I didn’t much. I read it through pretty fast. Each chapter just begging me to read it, and the one after that and the one…..well, you get my point.


This was a fun story that had me laughing even as the mystery was growing of who killed the leading lady, and a new ghost pops up needing help from Cookie and her resident ghost Charlotte. The questions kept coming and the intrigue kept building until author Rose Pressey wrapped everything up in an expertly penned ending.


And check out the back of the book for An Excerpt from Cookie Chanel’s Fashion Blog, Tips for Living with a Psychic Cat, and an excerpt from Book three, HAUNT COUTOUR AND GHOSTS GALORE coming in fall of this year, 2015!