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Death of a Cupcake Queen - Lee Hollis

This series is one of the ones where I have got to get every book in the series when it comes out. I have stopped reading other books when I get a new Hayley Powell book to read. And with the word cupcake in the title . . . yeah, I was all over this one!


DEATH OF A CUPCAKE QUEEN is another wonderful installment in an already great series. Author Lee Hollis never ceases to amaze me with the quality of these fantastically fun mysteries that have me both enthralled and laughing out loud.


In this story, we learn more about Hayley’s high school years and the mean girls, including recurring series character Sabrina Merryweather, who made her teen years a misery. It was interesting to see the dynamics between them all. The author also brings in Gemma’s, Hayley’s daughter, high school prom, so things blended perfectly. 


DEATH OF A CUPCAKE QUEEN was another well written mystery. Author Hollis gave us plenty of suspects in the murder of Ivy Foster. She was unlikeable enough that anyone would be happy to see her dead. I had my suspect all picked out, then during the reveal, the rug was pulled out from under my feet and had me saying, OMG!


As always, yummy recipes included. And, there is a sneak peek into book seven, DEATH OF A BACON HEIRESS.


This really is a delightful series. If you’re already a fan of this series, you’re going to love this addition as much as I did. And for those who haven’t read it yet, I just know there are more Hayley Powell fans out there in the making once you check out this series for yourself.