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Spellcasting In Silk - Juliet Blackwell

I’ve mentioned before that stories with witches aren’t really my reading preference. I’m read this book at the request of the publisher in exchange for an honest review. And I have to say. I honestly enjoyed it!


Author Juliet Blackwell is a must buy author for many readers I know. I can see why. She has a passion for writing that clearly showed through in this book.


I loved the fact that lead character, Lily, is not only allowed, but is requested to help the police with their investigations. Even though she’s the owner of a vintage clothing store, her powers prove useful to the police. And with the death in this story looking to be occult inspired, she was needed even more.


This was a very good mystery filled with plenty of suspense, action, and magical moments. I did not see the ending in this story coming. I was really taken by surprise.


For readers who enjoy a mystical, magical mystery, you’re in for a real treat with SPELLCASTING IN SILK. I’ll be passing this book on to a reader I know will simply love it.