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The Royal Assassin - Kate   Parker


THE ROYAL ASSASSIN is an enjoyable mix of mystery, drama, fun, and romance.


I’ve recently started reading more historical cozy mysteries and this trip to Victorian England was simply delightful. Author Kate Parker has obviously done her research and it shows.


Georgia Fenchurch is a wonderfully written heroine for the time period. While she has a lot of the traits of a true Victorian woman, she is also independent and doesn’t like being told what to do.


Lord Blackford enlists Georgia to help solve the murder of the bodyguard of a Russian Princess. What follows next is a story full of excitement and intrigue with twists and turns that kept my head spinning and my brain working overtime right up to a reveal that I never saw coming. 


This book has a little something for fans of many genres. You just can’t go wrong with it!


Take a trip back to the Victorian era the summer and pick up a copy of THE ROYAL ASSASSIN.