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Something About Nothing - Julie Seedorf

SOMETHING ABOUT NOTHING is a delightful and thought provoking book based on author Julie Seedorf’s column by the same name.

I love her idea that “…underneath all the nothings we talk about – there is something much deeper needing to be said.” It’s so very true. We automatically answer fine or pretty good, or we expect others to answer the same. But what are we really thing? Feeling?

With chapters titled Wrinkly Crinkly, Ugly Shoes, I’m A Shorty, and Me? A Whimp?, just to name a few, I found myself lost in her words over and over again. It was as though author Seedorf had written this book (her column) based on my life. I’m sure you’ll find yourself on these wonderful pages too.

Treat yourself to this fun, thoughtful, and insightful book today. And pick up a copy or two for loved ones. Buy A Friend A Book Day is August 31. SOMETHING ABOUT NOTHING will make a perfect gift for that or any day!

Julie Seedorf is also the author of the hysterically funny, Fuchsia Minnesota Mystery series, and the Granny Is In Trouble Children’s Mystery series. She is also part of the We Go On: Charity Anthology for Veterans.

I have no doubt you’ll adore her books. I sure do!