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Chef Maurice and a Spot of Truffle (Chef Maurice Culinary Mysteries, #1) - J.A. Lang

It’s been some time since I’ve read a book quite like CHEF MAURICE AND A SPOT OF TRUFFLE. This book doesn’t fall in step with today’s cozy mysteries. It’s more in line with traditional British mysteries which makes since because author J. A. Lang is British and she captures the genre perfectly.


This mystery was so intriguing and had an original concept.  It was an enjoyable read that flew by too fast. Ms. Lang has a very fluid writing style that drew me in and made me want to keep reading.


Chef Maurice, owner and head chef of Le Cochon Rouge, is quite a character. Think Hercule Poirot, Columbo, and a robust French chef all rolled into one. There were many times his scenes had me laughing out loud. I can imagine knowing someone like him would be both fascinating, frustrating, and exhausting, but you would still have the utmost respect in him.  


The end of the book, the reveal, brought images of scenes from an Agatha Christie novel. The setting, delivery, and accusation were all done with the same Christie flare.


I enjoyed CHEF MAURICE AND A SPOT OF TRUFFLE immensely and look forward to more adventures with Chef Maurice.