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Fat Cat Spreads Out (A Fat Cat Mystery) - Janet Cantrell

This is such a delightful series. Author Janet Cantrell has created a wonderful setting, with such likable characters, and some hilarious situations. She has truly embraced the cozy mystery genre, and I for one can’t get enough!


It was great to be back at The Bar None with Charity “Charlie”, Anna, and of course, that fat cat tabby himself, Quincy. Getting to read the thoughts going on in Quincy’s head is so fun! I’ve often wondered what my own pets are thinking.


For as much as I loved book one, FAT CAT AT LARGE, I have to say that this second installment, FAT CAT SPREADS OUT, was even better! The plot was perfection. The mystery was well thought out and had me scratching my head trying to figure out “whodunit” and why. I laughed out loud so often I lost count. And the thought of all those yummy treats had my tum growling through most of the book.


FAT CAT SPREADS OUT, indeed, the Fat Cat series itself, has everything a cozy mystery fan is looking for and more. Ms. Cantrell has penned one of the must read mysteries of the year!


And check out the back of the book for two great recipes. One for humans and one for cats!