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Seven Threadly Sins (A Threadville Mystery) - Janet Bolin

Author Janet Bolin has embroidered another delightful creation in this latest addition of the Threadville Mystery series.


SEVEN THREADLY SINS in the fifth installment of this wonderful mystery series, and one of the best. It was a real page turner and kept me speculating all the way through.


This story was very well written and cleverly crafted. It contained lots of surprises and misleads, red herrings as they say, right up until the exciting reveal.


I want to thank author Bolin for writing a victim that all readers of this book will be happy to see killed off. LOL I almost didn’t care who the killer was because I was happy to see this gut done in. ;-) But on a serious note, because he was so unliked, it really opened up the suspect pool to make this mystery even harder to solve.


I don’t feel you need to know about needlecrafts to enjoy this book. Sewing on buttons is about all I can do, and I really liked it. But for those of you who do needlecrafts, there is a machine embroidery project at the end of the book, as well as some helpful tips from protagonist, Willow.