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The Book Stops Here - Kate Carlisle

I haven’t read the first few books in the Bibliophile Mystery series, but I see I will have to make up for lost time. I really enjoyed this story. Author Kate Carlisle has a wonderful flare for mystery. She always delivers a page turner.


I was fascinated by the concept that buying something at a garage sale and finding out it was worth gobs of money could get you killed. I think when I find my fortune at a yard sale I’ll keep quiet about it. ;-)


As with a few books I’ve read recently, the victim was found well into the book. I personally like that. There’s so much more time for a back on the person killed. It makes them more human and not just a faceless body.


This book was fast paced and attention holding. Lots of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. I kept telling myself just one more page, only one more chapter. It took a lot to pull me away from it.


If you’re a fan of classic mysteries, you’re going to love THE BOOK STOPS HERE.