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Dead Girl Blues (Taxi for the Dead Book 2) - Joyce Lavene, Jim Lavene, Jeni Chappelle

DEAD GIRL BLUES hit the ground running with Skye Mertz and her partner Debbie Hernandez on the job to bring in another LEP. . . Life Extended People. They’re boss, Abe, doesn’t like it when you call them zombies.


This second installment in this series was even better than the first book, BROKEN HEARTED GHOUL, which now includes the introductory novella UNDEAD BY MORNING. So many new elements have been added to this story. The Lavenes are taking this series beyond the zombie realm of things and creating whole new levels that will carry on through future books.


With action and surprises never in short supply, even the last sentence of this story will have you saying, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book!