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A Sticky Situation - Jessie Crockett

A STICKY SITUATION was a sweet delight of a mystery and left me hungry for more.


There was no doubt after DRIZZELED TO DEATH, the first book in the Sugar Grove series, author Jessie Crockett had a hit series on her hands. Main character Dani and her family are so much fun. I come from a big family and could relate to many things, family meals for one.


One of the things I love about cozy mysteries is learning about so many different and new subjects. Crafts, professions, recipes (and there are some yummy sounding recipes in this book). I really enjoyed reading about making syrup. I never realized all the steps that go into the process.


The mystery involving the body of a drifter, thought gone from town decades before, was really intriguing. I’ve always liked mysteries stemming from the past. They’re so much harder to investigate with all the years passed. The Nancy Drew living inside me was thrilled with this one.


A STICKY SITUATION is a very appropriate name for this book. It was stuck to my hands from the moment I picked it up until the last page!