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fright to the death

A Fright to the Death - Dawn Eastman

A FRIGHT TO THE DEATH is a wonderful addition to an already great series. I think this is my favorite book in the Family Fortune series so far. It reminded me so much of classic murder mystery books and movies from bygone years. Having Clyde and her family stranded in a “haunted” hotel castle where a murder takes place is an absolutely perfect setting for this quirky cast of characters.


Author Dawn Eastman has an easy style of writing. Her words flow so clearly. I never found myself having to go back and reread something unless I enjoyed it so much I wanted to reread read it. And that happened often. J


 The death in this book and why it happened really was an intriguing mystery. You’d really have to be a mind reader to figure it out. All the scenes leading up to the reveal were packed with fun and excitement. There was always something to keep it interesting.


You don’t have to be psychic to know Dawn Eastman has a long running series in her future with the Family Fortune Mysteries.