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Dark Chocolate Demise - Jenn McKinlay

Whenever a new book in the Cupcake Bakery Mystery series comes out, I drop everything I’m doing to read it. And with this seventh book in the series, it was once again worth it!


DARK CHOCOLATE DEMISE is a yummy addition to this delicious series. Author Jenn McKenlay knows how to draw a reader in and keep them entertained. From the first line until the very last sentence, I was transfixed.


The characters in this series continue to delight me. The way they interact with one another is so very real. I know I would feel right at home with this group of people.


I love the way in which the victim in this story was found was so unique. Already in a casket. Too fun! And I never suspected who the killer was. It was a real shock when the reveal came!


Fans of Jenn McKinlay are sure to eat up this tasty installment to a wonderful series.


Remember to check out the awesome cupcake recipes at the back of the book!