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Grave on Grand Avenue (An Officer Ellie Rush Mystery) - Naomi Hirahara

Note: For those who follow my reviews, you know ninety-nine percent of what I review are cozy mysteries. This mystery is not a cozy. It’s somewhere between a cozy and a bit grittier crime fiction. But I feel it will appeal to all mystery readers.


Ms. Hirahara has written a gripping story in this second book of her Officer Ellie Rush Mystery series.


Her characters are intense and multilayered. One such character being the series lead, Ellie. She’s a good cop, and can be tough when times call for it. Her softer side shows in the loss of her car, The Green Mile, when it is stolen.


There are many twists and turns leading up to the “I didn’t see that coming” ending. And I really didn’t! I like it when a book shocks me.


Naomi Hirahara is an excellent author and a great voice in the mystery genre. I look forward to what the next book in this series has to offer.