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Wedding Duress

Wedding Duress (Southern Sewing Circle Mystery) - Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Author Elizabeth Lynn Casey (*also known as Laura Bradford, author of the incredible Amish Mystery series ~ read it if you haven’t!) once again has penned a delightful, intriguing mystery that held me mesmerized page after wonderful page!


I can’t begin to describe just how happy I was to be back in Sweet Briar, spending time with the dear ladies of the Sweet Briar Sewing Circle. They are one of my favorite casts of characters ever in a series. (For the record, you do not have to know how to sew to enjoy this series.)


It was fun to be wrapped up in Tori and Milo’s wedding preparations. But this is a mystery, and murder is bound to sew its way into the story.  This time the victim is close to Beatrice. Our favorite nanny’s own former nanny is found dead. I enjoyed that this story brought more out about Beatrice. She normally sits so quietly through the books, that it was great to have more time with her, even if it was not so fun for her.


Author Casey stitched the mystery of what really happened to Miss Gracie the nanny better than the best seamstress could create an award winning dress or quilt. There were so many fantastic details woven into this incredible story.


As someone who loves surprises, I have to tell you, when the reveal came and the “whodunit” was out in the open, I was indeed surprised! I never saw it coming.


WEDDING DURESS is a stellar addition to this long running series and is one of my favorite books so far this year, following close on the heels of SUSPENDERED SENTENCE (Laura Bradford ~ see above *). Congratulation Ms. Casey on getting this story to book #10! Here’s to at least 10 more…then the sweet tea will be on me!