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ASSAULT AND PEPPER by Leslie Budewitz

First in the Spice Shop Mystery series, ASSAULT AND PEPPER was a tasty read and has whet my appetite for more.


With a large percentage of cozies being set in fictional towns, I wasn't sure how I would feel about this book being set in Seattle at a famous location like The Pike Place Public Market. Honestly, at first it was a little strange for me, but I was soon lost in the story, and Ms. Budewitz’s wonderful writing and no longer gave it a thought.


Her protagonist in ASSAULT AND PEPPER, Pepper Reece was really enjoyable and I liked getting to know her. The same goes for the other characters in the book. Pepper’s staff at the Seattle Spice Shop are as wide ranging in styles and personalities, as the spices they carry are in tastes and smells. The same is to be said of the rest of the cast of characters.


The mystery element of this story, who killed the panhandler, Doc, and why they killed him, along with the fact that one of the staff of Pepper’s store, Tory, is a suspect, and Tory seems to know why she is, but isn't doing much to help herself, kept me guessing as I turned page after page, only to be very surprised when the truth came out.


A fun bonus: Every chapter starts off with a fact or a quote.
A delicious bonus: Lots of yummy recipes!


Give ASSAULT AND PEPPER a try and see if it doesn't spice up your life like it did mine!