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Suspendered Sentence  - Laura Bradford

I was blessed enough to receive an advance reader copy (ARC) of SUSPENDERED SENTENCE for review. I am so thrilled that I was! 


Ms. Bradford has an amazing talent, and is a most gifted storyteller. Her words never fail to draw me in and capture me.


With each book I read in the Amish Mystery series, I think there is no way the next one will be as good. I’m very happy to be wrong. Laura Bradford continues to improve upon an already fantastic series. SUSPENDERED SENTENCE was in a word…Wonderful!


I always feel like I have come home when reading this series. The characters are like family and friends. To say I am emotionally attached to them and what happens to them, well, that would be very true.


The mystery in SUSPENDERED SENTENCE seemed pretty cut and dry through most of the book. But when there is another mystery attached to the first, things really became more of a guessing game for me. Once the truth came out about everything, it blew me away just how intricate a story Ms. Bradford had penned.


If you like the first books in this series, you are in for a major treat with this one. If you haven’t read this series, I really encourage you to do so.